Classical Music Headphones Are The Best

Despite any detractors out there who say they have a better pair, I still maintain there is no pair of noise-cancelling headphones that can come any where near the best headphones for classical music as do the Bose’s Quiet Comfort 35. I know they’re pricey, but for a start nowhere else will you get this kind of performance out of something so lightweight – they weigh just under 11 oz – and durable, not to mention how absolutely comfortable they are which is so important to me as I’m all the time traveling to concert halls everywhere on the east coast. No-one can tell me that having such a compact pair of headphones that really do cancel out noise as well isn’t worth a hefty price tag.

Apart from the effectiveness that extraneous noise is blocked out, my QC35 headphones deliver classical music to the best level I’ve ever heard unless I”m paying really silly money, certainly they deliver sufficient nuance for my needs and I’m sure I’m not easy to please. For a start, they’re wireless and Bluetooth works great and this together with volume-optimised EQ for balanced audio performance at any volume. I’m confident that whether I’m listening to Beethoven or Mahler or anything in between I’m getting the whole orchestra sounds – which I need for my work obviously. They really do perform extremely well – you have to try them to appreciate the detail which is both spacious and dynamically adept, giving both attack and sustain.

I use an iPhone and my iPad Air to listen to music when I’m travelling and both were easily paired from the moment I took the QC35s out of the box. It’s never easy when you wear glasses to find a comfortable pair of over-ear headphones but the Bose hallmark of attention to detail in design does the trick. The volume controls are on my right ear cup and it feels so natural just to lift my arm up to make an adjustment – again this the genius of Bose design. I’m really happy with my choice of classical music headphones and believe that for classical music at least I have the very best headphones on the market today.